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Updated: May 28, 2021

Visit Gaudi's buildings, breath the fresh air of Collserola natural park or enjoy typical dishes in some of the towns next to Barcelona, all of this while pedaling your bike.

Barcelona from Collserola natural park

“Do you know Barcelona is not only about the Sagrada Familia? There is a lot more”

Barcelona city (CITY BIKE)

Antonio Gaudi made sure to decor and letting his art flow on the construction of buildings and places all over the city that by now are very iconic and of course they are most watched while you are visiting "prepare the camera". At only just 100 mt on straight line from Mr Bike location you will find the biggest Gaudi´s masterpiece, the Catalonia´s modernism arquitecture sign, the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. The contruction of this iconic symbol of Barcelona started in 1882 and even it´s not finished yet it is the most visted church in Europe and the off course a landmark in the whole of Spain.

To ride the city from one place to other you will find very well marked bikelanes, some in both directions and others in just one way. A good option is to pedal trought Avenida Diagonal to percieve differents aspects of the city, you can also getting deep into the Barrio Gotico (odest area in town), meet the soccer stadium Camp Nou or pedal down to La Barceloneta to enjoy the sun and breeze if you are here during summer time.

All you need is a bike and time.

Collserola Natural Park (MOUNTAIN BIKE)

“Spend some quality hours in the mountain”

Would you like a break from the city? Are you an sport person? If you just want to recharge some energy there is no better way than breath fresh air, listen the birds and the tires rolling on the dirt by being surrounded by nature, the Sierra of Collserola has it all. The Carretera de les Aigües is an indipensable dirt road of 10 km which goes from Carrer del Comte de Noroña to Plaça de Mireia, this flat sports circuit for walkers, runners and bikers shows a panoramical view of Barcelona. The most common start point is at Pla dels Maduixers, where it is possbile to pedal up the Mountain of Tibidabo to Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (built between 1902-1961) and have a full view of the city, as it is the highest point at 512 meters above sea level. If you like Gravel bikes, Cross Country bikes or Enduro Bikes, many roads and single tracks will lead you to hidden places as hermitages, churches and water fonts that the mountain has to offer you. A fun day is ahead.


“Do you feel in a good shape?”

Get to know other locations next to the city, feel the atmosphere of the surroundings areas like Sant Cugat del Valles, located in the other side of the mountain, a city known for its actual prestige and because it was a second home destination for the Catalan bourgeoisie in the 19th and early 20th centuries. To acces this city there are a few of very nice roads that cross the mountain (I suggest) or you can round it too, you can go and back on the same way or you can do a loop to check other towns, traffic is quiet.

For those who like the sea there is the Maresme side, you can pedal closer to the beaches and find a good restaurant, sit, relax and enjoy typical food to fuel the body to come back to the city. You may find a little bit more traffic as you get closer to the ocean.

Do you feel in good shape? The Monasterio de Montserrat located at 720 meters above sea level in the Macizo de Montserrat, will suit you perfect this century ride from Barcelona is a good adventure for those with some experience who wants to ride awesome mountains with slow climbs and fast descents trought epic scenerios. Water and food can be found all the way to destination to keep on going.

3 bikes and 3 ways to spend vacations in Barcelona, but just 1 reason will be enough to visit this City, the experience of knowing a city as it full while riding bikes.

-Daniel Hidalgo

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